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Aggressive treatment options include various types of prostatectomy, radiation therapy, cryosurgery or high intensity focused ultrasound.The goal of all invasive options is to remove or destroy cancer cells before they can spread to other tissues in the body.This outpatient procedure is completed in several hours, under anesthesia (spinal, epidural, local or general), after which the patient is usually able to go home.In the procedure, a catheter is inserted to bring a warming solution into the urethra to prevent freezing during the cryotherapy process.

After the prostate has been cut away from the bladder and the urethra, it’s removed from the body through an incision made above the pubic bone.It works on the DNA, which is contained in all living cells. Cancer cells harm us because they continue to divide without stopping.The energy from radiation machines is so strong that it can damage the DNA in cancer cells, causing them to die or making them unable to divide.Outcomes may vary depending on the skill level and experience of the surgeon.An incision is made from just below the navel to the pelvic bone without damaging muscles.

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