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Recently, Justin has gotten into building stuff...he's pretty good at it, too!Because he was wanting to make something this past weekend, I asked him to make one of the things on his honey-do list...yes, I have a honey-do list for him, but mine is not the typical clean out the gutters, mow the yard kind of list, it's a crafty honey-do list! Start by removing the frame boards with a reciprocating saw using a metal cutting blade to cut through the nails.

You’ll need coconut oil, essential oils, and a small container for the finished product. For our blend, we used a mix of tea tree, bergamot and frankincense.

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Typically, beard oil is made from a carrier oil mixed with essential oils. When the house warms up a little this summer, it might soften into oil, but my guy typically shaves the beard for the summer, so that’s a moot point.

The carrier oil varies – it can be grapeseed, almond, jojoba, even avocado – but I chose coconut because it’s known to be the champion when it comes to moisturizing. For now, a little dab of our beard balm leaves his beard soft, shiny and lightly scented with a clean, spicy scent.

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