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Death's Design, Fate's Plan An Answer to Reptilia28's Death Challenge NC-17Feedback: I, like most authors, enjoy positive reviews. Disclaimer: Malloren Family is the Intellectual property of Jo Beverly & her publishers, distributors, etc, and the Malory Family is the Intellectual Property of Johanna Lindsey & her publishers, distributors, etc. Spoilers: Any and All Books through Chapter 37 of Deathly Hallows Summary: My take on Reptillia 28's Challenge from Portkey, (Really hope no one minds.) Harry dies well before his time and is sent back to clean up the mess he left behind. I hope that each of my readers will find something in this chapter that makes them 'just have to' drop me a review. He was not a nurturing man, yet he now had a task to perform that would take all of those traits and a million others he did not naturally possess.

Bashing Warning: This story will contain character bashing and eventually death. It was a Saturday morning and he was awake before eight am, set to wake one of his students to give extremely distressing news. No one can defeat him in a head on battle." He demanded to know who had killed his father. He himself had almost killed Lucius several times over the years.

He wished, not for the first time, that Draco had been sorted into another house, any of the other houses. Snape came closer to a sigh than he was willing to admit. "You cannot possibly know that any of that is true.

My father was murdered by Sirius Black and I will do whatever it takes to see that justice is served.

Minerva had lost her beautiful Danana and far too many of her Lions to that hypocritical bastard, Tom Riddle. Perhaps when they decided to fool the world with a fake secret keeper, they would have chosen her.

She would have been behind Hogwarts' wards and hell would have frozen over, thawed and frozen yet again before she would have told Voldemort or his minions anything that would have left young Harry in danger, yet alone orphaned.

He dressed with care knowing that he would have to take Draco Malfoy to see his mother at St. The man was only 'an accomplished dueler' in his own mind and apparently in the lies he told his son. We shall go and see her first and then we shall see to your father's burial."Draco still seemed shell shocked. I need to figure out how to make Lord Black pay for what he has done to my father.""You will do nothing of the kind." Snape roared, losing his temper in a way his godson had never before witnessed.

Fury like none she had ever known settled into Minerva's belly. How different might things be if she had made the offer.

She would have been an infinitely better choice than Peter.

All Heads of House have found themselves wondering what the sorting hat was thinking during certain sortings.

They never quite managed to make the ranks of Ancient.

They did not have the cache to be considered Nobel, though they had remained 'pure' for twenty generations.

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