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I also started to focus on the mouth of the girls when they laughed hard enough to open their mouths and give the view of their inside, when they yawned and even when they screamed.

At that time I started to feel how my penis started to have erections when looking at open mouths. I discovered internet, and with it searching engines.

(Once, my highschool crush asked me to look deep down her throat looking for something unusual because she felt like a pimple at the throat, I can't lie, that moment was magical, it's like if your dream babe asked to look at her naked to see what you think about it.)Well, that's all for now. I study psychology nowadays, I know the techniques and appropriated therapies for sexual handling sexual behavior, I've tried everything and since the last time I attempted to change things about my fetish, I decided to accept it, I really enjoy it, it doesn't harms anyone and I feel comfortable with it.

*mod edit - personal email address removed as per forum rules* hey there..have very much have common interest but i am turned on with a guy's mouth..i'm a guy so that makes me gay i guess...i thought that im only one in this world that has this fetish but i as wrong..thank God there's people around the internet that shares there stuff or experiences with this kind of fetish..still i think i'm the only one in my country that has this fetish..Every time I was with a girl I couldn't have an erection if I couldn't look at her mouth inside, touching her bodies and kissing them wasn't enough I wanted mouth.Fortunately, since today I can stand an erection and have sex without looking at a mouth inside.Discussions that promote illegal activity will not be tolerated.Please note that this forum is moderated, and people who are found to be using this forum for inappropriate purposes will be banned.

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