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Come connect with ladies who want to go out with someone like you – an everyday hero.Take your pick of single women who love firemen and then make a plan to go out with someone new tonight!So where does the line cross where I can ask him to stay home without him feeling like I don't support his job? The firehouse is a differant place than most other jobs.Carrying a pager while he is "off duty" is something that is becoming more likely as departments are faced with larger buildings with more complex construction. The document states, in the audio recording, the witness can be heard telling Spalteholz, "It's the only way I can get you to sit here and act...and tell me anything." A spokesperson for AFD says on the morning of April 25, the agency received "notice of an allegation to our professional standards office." However, before the internal investigation got started, Spalteholz retired.

The most important thing to remember is he loves you more than he can show but he loves his profession, too. Understand that sometimes hr just has a bad day at work.Hey everyone, So I have been dating my boyfriend (who is a FF/Paramedic) for about a year and a half now.I must say that his job has been very stressful on our relationship. When he is at work I used to text and call him all the time etc... First of all when he's on duty he's paid to be a public servant, not text or call you.It's nothing against you, it's just something that's easier to talk to those who have been through the same thing. If he does want to talk a call that hit him deep, understand it may not be a pretty story. Firefighters die, we all have that in our back of our mind that anything can happen. One thing you should do is leave your work at work.Just know that we have brothers and sisters that will watch our back. Not a day goes by that my wife doesn't mention her job and it drives me crazy.

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