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Having originated from club nights in Brixton in 1994, the dynamic duo are now a well-established dance act, proving the popular pick for private parties, exclusive events and corporate functions.Their phenomenal debut album “Remedy” was hailed as one of the most significant records of the 1990s and has influenced a variety of artists from a diverse range of genres.Whatever the occasion, they will bring your event to life!To book legendary celebrity DJ’s, Basement Jaxx to make a personal appearance at your next corporate event, simply contact Champions Music & Entertainment via [email protected]"We're just now bringing the two teams together." Of course, this isn't a one-way deal—Lifetouch has a lot to offer Shutterfly, mainly the prospective business of its 10 million-or-so customers, many of whom may turn to Shutterfly post-acquisition for their photo product needs."Lifetouch is [an] expert at photography and we provide online tools," says North.They didn't know how to capture decent pictures.When confronted about doing a better job, they basically said they were not going to bother so the school chose someone else.

If you’ve been anywhere near a dancefloor in the last 15 or so years, you’ve probably moved your feet to Basement Jaxx beats.

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Freeze friendly dances are open to public, it appeared as a full-page ad girl to a changed my life in a mask and lighting.

The acquisition, which isn't yet finalized, will cost Shutterfly 5 million according to Star Tribune, who broke the news.

Speaking about the business deal to Star Tribune, Lifetouch CEO Michael Meek revealed that the company's growth hasn't been sufficient enough to generate the cash needed for new tech investments, among other things.

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