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Having one line of code performing enabled=false (and an additional enabled=true) per each control, in addition to the if then else/select case construct, might seem a bit much.

This faq contains some alternative methods using the method of looping thru the form controls collection to perform such.

Row Index = 0 Then Raise Event Data Grid View1Button Click(sender Grid, e) End If End Sub Private Sub Data Grid View1_Button Click(sender As Data Grid View, e As Data Grid View Cell Event Args) Handles Me.

Data Grid View1Button Click 'TODO - Button Clicked - Execute Code Here End Sub .

The first challenge is that not all controls share the same properties. Value property, so it might be wise to only address the controls having the types one need to alter/toggle properties of, else one ends up getting errors.

The often occuring error, would probably be 438 - ôObject doesn't support this property or methodö.

Of course, if you need to distinguish between multiple buttons per grid, you can then select based on the column name or index, but that shouldn't be your first check.

You can't add it to the Data Grid itself, without getting messy with inheritance etc., but you can add a custom event to your form and fire it when appropriate.

Easy peasy - just follow these steps: First, here's what NOT to do: I would avoid the suggestions in some of the other answers here and even provided by the documentation at MSDN to hardcode the column index or column name in order to determine if a button was clicked. Again, the documentation and many examples get this wrong.

The click event registers for the entire grid, so somehow you need to determine that a button was clicked, but you should not do so by assuming that your button lives in a particular column name or index... Most examples handle the to expose it's internal properties at design time.

You can modify the type on the parameter, but that can sometimes make adding or removing handlers tricky.

Next, to see if a button was clicked, just check to make sure that the column raising the event is of type .

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