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The monsters up the punishment by beating Ami with steel bats.Ami takes some solid knocks to her stomach, back and face -- maybe a little too solid, in fact.Other punishments come from the world of professional wrestling, as Ami is crushed in a bear hug, walloped with a head butt, and painfully stretched in a camel clutch.She also continues to be battered by a series of rights and lefts, still mostly to her face.

The film is part of a series that emphasizes the heroine's eyes rolling back in her head whenever she is suffering.

:( Produced by: Giga Running time: Two hours GIMPers who insist on down-to-Earth realism might have a tough time coping in Ami's universe.

Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami has plenty to recommend it -- beatings, whippings, rape -- but it would never be mistaken for a PBS documentary.

Ralphus wrote: Covers: I've really been enjoying the B&W inside scans you've been posting lately. I think it's time to put our friend Fritz back to work to put another one together for the MAM Stories section. Bronx Writer: I agree that Angela Cavagna would make a lovely GIMP; but Christina Carter is wonderful in the scene that you picked for Angela, let's show her respect! I have seen you in a few other clips from websites not yours, correct?

Covers the R: ditto on the praise for those inside scans, thanks for posting both pages! I don't know where else to go to complain but, I'm coming up on my 11th year since my gimp wife became too old and unhealthy to play our weekly gimp games.

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