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Dating Better's user-focused design, interface, and filtering features — plus dating tips, articles, videos, forums, great date ideas, and zodiac matches — make it unique in the free online dating world.So start dating better with Dating — Dating Just Got Better!The birthplace and epitome of the classic Australian "No worries mate, she'll be right" attitude. They are proud of their beautiful state, and of their lifestyle which in their opinion is the best in the world (and the further north you go, the more you live it).Friendly, piss-swilling Aussies who worry more about having a good time than running around like a chook trying to make money. And being proud of their state, and of their golden, outdoor, sporting, mate-driven, beach lifestyle, Queenslanders take passionate pride in their own. Chatting with an underage person is as bad as being underage.

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However we wanted to offer at least the level of sophistication and user-friendly design that major pay sites have, which is where we found that free sites tend to fall short.In their sporting teams, in their heroes, and, of course, in their beer.And fourex is indeed their beer (the X's deriving from the old medieval europe tradition of using X's to indicate the beer strength).People who grew up in Queensland are fiercely proud to be Queenslanders.People from 'down south' often smugly generalise about Queenslanders - they think that we think of ourselves as somehow different, that our lifestyle is more relaxed, that we spend most of our time at the finest stretch of coastline in the world, by the beach, in the sun, slowly knocking back icy cold beers with our mates.

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