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There’s a lot that you can do within these parameters, if you want to look nice. You can still wear long, flowy skirts and maxi-dresses, which can look pretty nice, especially with the right jewellery (and you can get some mighty nice bits of bling in the souq). well, I once nearly got kicked out of a club for wearing them. And no matter what people say (ie “I want a about how I met my true love!

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There were a few times where the fellow I was seeing and I may have resorted to covert games of footsies under the table at restaurants. The dress code in Doha for women is probably not as bad as you may imagine.In City Centre at the very least, this is more than easily done.You may be on a date, but keep in mind that you’re in a country where Sharia Law is recognised and upheld.Nah, you don’t have to cover up entirely or wear a headscarf.You essentially need to make sure your shoulders and knees aren’t on display. Personally, I like using apps like Tinder simply to meet or talk to people. You have to sort through some crap sometimes (and go on a few dud dates) but I’ve used the app to make friends and have had some really fulfilling relationships start from a simple conversation online.

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