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Begin Literature Circles with book talks so students can choose books they want to read.

Teachers can then divide students into groups of 4 to 6 members to read their group's chosen book independently and then meet together using roles to support their discussion.

They grow apart, as some friends tend to do, but they keep weaving in and out of each other’s lives; what happens to these young women is incredible (and at times, horrifying).

Read this with your friend when you want to assure her you’re not going anywhere, and that you’ll always have her back.

Model Lessons One set for a fiction book and one for a nonfiction book, a Model Lesson and its annotated examples of Role Descriptions, Bookmarks, and Journal Pages help you teach students how to perform new roles.

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Watch the How to Use Literature Circle Journals for Books Overview The Literature Circles Overview explains the protocols for Literature Circles in detail so that you can use Reading A-Z tools in successful Literature Circles.However, here is a list of books that not only cover friendship, but fiercely embrace loyalty, success, love, commitment, and the way the people in our lives change us and shape who we are.As I finished the last page of this book, I couldn’t help but give myself a few minutes to sob.Reading is typically an activity done in solitary, right? Call it a two-person book club, call it bonding over literature — the point is that you’re sharing something amazing with your best friend.You gather up your big, beautiful book that’s been patiently sitting in your to-read pile, wrap yourself up in a blanket and go sit by a generous source of light (since it’s August and Dante’s Inferno outside, let’s switch “blanket” to “a bag of ice cubes”), and you take comfort in the fact that you’ve got an awesome date with your book — tonight knows no bounds. Reading can be an activity you do with a friend, much like Zumba or brunch. You can really read almost anything with your bestie: crime noir, celebrity memoirs, investigative journalism that explores juicing culture.

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