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Since the 1990s, we have been using a rather question which, according to our hypotheses at the time, was intended to monitor the inevitable decline in traditional sexual morality.To that end, we have been asking people if they agree (or disagree) with the following statement: with the statement.

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Our original hypotheses led us to expect that the decline in society's more traditional, conservative and religious values would result in mores of greater sexual permissiveness.The picture, which was taken by one of Matthew's family members, was posted on Facebook and immediately went viral.But now the island's top bishop, Kyrillos of Rhodes, has decided to ban all foreign weddings at the monastery of St Paul - forcing hundreds of British couples to cancel their dream days.Even in Québec, often the country's most permissive province, where 46% agree with the statement compared to 51% in the rest of the country, the variance isn't all that great.The Maritimes are the most conservative in this respect, with 58% agreement, while the other provinces and regions reflect the national average.

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