Gaurav khanna and yami gautam dating

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Bollywood is now become the biggest market for film production, many talented actor actresses working hard to make this position of industry in entire world.

Every year this biggest industry provides a big entertainment package for you.

, says now he loves coming back home after work as marriage has changed his life for the better. I love coming back home now from work as I know there is someone back too.

Also my wife is my anchor and she keeps me grounded.

In a top 10 list Fan is among one of the higly waited upcoming bollywood movies.

Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur leading role of the film Airlif, most famous Bolywood actors showing their performance once again in this film. Cast are Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal, Nimrat Kaur as Amrita Katyal, Feryna Wazheir as Tasneem, Lena as Deepti Jayarajan and Purab Kohli as Ibrahim Durrani.

Here you will find all upcoming movies releasing dates, production, cast, directorial and other information about the films.

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Indian film Fan written and directorial Maneesh Sharma will initially released on April, 15 2016 in India.

Sunny Deol, Rahul Rawail directorial, produced by Dharmendra and musical composition of Himesh Reshammiya.

Next version of left off “Ghayal Once Again” will initially release on 13, November, 2015 which seems as one of the high budget upcoming bollywood movies.

Hewas christened with "Superstar" status after his performance in Aradhana.

He in all has performed in 100 great films as themain lead hero of the film in his career spanning 25 years as themain lead hero until 1991 and has appeared in total 156 films.

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