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Jeanine worked as the Southern California Media representative for the U. Justin arrived in the Southland from KMXB-Las Vegas. When he left the station in early March 2016, he wrote on Facebook: "After a solid 10 years on ALT 98.7 the time has come for me to say farewell at the end of this month.I am not being pushed out or fired, it is simply the end of my contract and all obligations have been complete.

“There's a race for senate in 2014, more than a year away, we had to file [papers] that are sort of a legal necessity and we're going to spend the next year exploring that.“It's kind of ridiculous to even have that as an ambition because…you forget to work on where you are now.” The Mayor went on to reveal he is happy with what he has.I've always looked at the fact that there's so few women in politics on both side.Every woman should know that it was in 1920, when the 19th amendment was ratified, that gave women the right to vote. A lot of money goes into to it, energy goes into it, hopes go into it. Everyone is tested and tested and tested and tested and to watch that is to watch democracy.

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