Grammar guide lively pinckerts practical punctuation style unintimidating usage

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Whichever way you decide, I think you will be pleased.

I asked my children to make up sentences in this way: Where is Katherine in relation to the couch?

Yes, provided the 10th grader is at least familiar with the 8 basic parts of speech.

Einarsson's English Grammar Handouts is not a "complete" grammar program, but because he wrote it for his college freshman with NO grammar background, it serves the need very well.

I believe that the KISS program is perfect for CM families, but because the curriculum online is minimal, and offers no support, I have considered starting a list so those using it could help each other.

If you've ever seen Harvey's Grammar, those books were probably very similar.

I would read a sentence, and the children would try to find all the prepositional phrases in that sentence.

~Karen May I recommend once more this site: is a free "grammar program," but it's more than that.

totell, tosay, that: I told him that his father was ill.Last year we did the "prepositions" lessons, outlined for grade 3." Now we started looking for prepositional phrases in books.~Karen We don't ignore grammar, but I didn't begin to teach it formally until my daughter turned 9.I had some this-is-a-noun teacher's store workbooks etc.

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