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Where to find it: https:// Comment period deadline: 3/19/2018 and 16,000 comment letters later, the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is in full implemention and on pace to fast-track permits for 500 renewable energy projects over the next 10 years.

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BLM has not provided map views with a Rockhound layer. BLM has data specifically for hobby collecting areas based on inputs from the public (from previous comment periods) and inputs made by former DAC member Kim Erb on behalf of Rockhounds, and inputs made by the agency's own staff.The best way to make route specific comments is directly in the WMRNP Online Interactive Map.You can click on individual routes and route segments and submit a comment on the selection. Check out the menu options (top left corner of the map) to customize the view to make the map easier for you to use.Read an article on why amending DRECP is unnecessary and could be bad for Rockhounds ».Download a FAQs sheet on the DRECP » To ensure continued access to hobby collecting areas in California's deserts, BLM needs to hear from Rockhound advocates. If you or your club would like to sign onto our letter: ● Download the current draft version of SDMG's letter at: Nbki M (short URL).

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