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The filmmakers are happy for diversions, like a tour-bus dance party and a post-gig song-swapping session where the group’s Irish crew go ballad-for-ballad with the stars.

Performance footage may be briefer than some in the audience expect, but what there is choice, capturing the contrasting kinds of vulnerability — hers shy but gutsy, his eloquently raw — that make the pair distinctive.

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But the film begins with them very much in love — she giving him a haircut in a modest room while he marvels, “It’s a great life we have, isn’t it?

Academy Award nominees Glen Hansard (L) Irish vocalist and guitarist for Irish rock group The Frames and Marketa Irglova, Czech musician and songwriter whose song "Falling Slowly" from the film "Once" is nominated for Best Original Song arrive at the US-Ireland Alliance's "Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film" event in Los Angeles, California February 21, 2008.

REUTERS/Fred Prouser An easy sell with viewers who fell for the original film (and the albums it spawned), the documentary does right by both fans and subjects and could make a profitable arthouse run.

The catch-22 lurking is that people feel like they know them, Hansard and Irglová.

Their relationship projects out into the world and people want them to be together.

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