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Do you believe that men have the ability to be wholly committed in a meaningful relationship?Do you believe that you are worth having every element of your dream life coming true? While I wholeheartedly believed in love, without a shadow of a doubt, when I was 16 (and perhaps all the way up to 25), the fatigue of dating has definitely dampened my spirits.I’ve been going on endless dates for nearly four and a half years. I have nearly all of the things I’ve ever dreamed of having, living in the place I love more than anywhere in this big world (that luckily, I can afford to see! It was after some cocktails with my friends that one — jokingly — suggested I hire a life coach to really figure out how to move forward, change my mindset and cure that gut-wrenching fear that I’m not marriage material.I’m convinced I’m going to develop carpal tunnel in my thumb from so. They weren’t serious, but I considered it: I’ve been to therapy before and while I found it effective for some issues, for dating, it was mostly infuriating. Their purpose is to help you see patterns, identify solutions and give me actionable steps to move forward.

Surely, I remind myself, there are much more important issues for me to worry about — Donald Trump becoming president, the government attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, how my male co-worker makes more money than I do.

Alionka Polanco says : “What stands out to me most about your story is the cycle you're in. Pam Bauer says : “If you feel dating fatigue, I suggest taking a break for six months. Without the pressure you can relax and be yourself and let others be themselves too.

Give yourself this opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate.

If your energy is like this, that will come across to potential dates. All of that pressure will keep you feeling unhappy, and people are drawn to people who are happy.

Are you able to see how this belief that you can't be fully happy without being married, is actually what's causing your pain and keeping you stuck being single?

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