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Each organization, however, is limited to a maximum of three voters per category.Participants who don’t want to vote can take part in the festival week as ‘observers,’ and are welcome at all screenings and discussions.If your bandwith is too low to upload a broadcast-format, you can also upload a high compressed File with following minimum technical requirements: With regard to the entered programme, the entrant grants to the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation free of charge the non-exclusive rights, unlimited in place, time and content, for utilisation of the programme as a whole and/or in excerpts for public screening in the framework of PRIX JEUNESSE events, educational, research and training purposes (for example in the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase) and transmission on television (excerpts of up to 2 minutes).Those are in particular theon the PRIX JEUNESSE 2018 festival theme “Strong Stories for Strong Children – Resilience and Storytelling” will be held during the festival week, in the form of info sessions, 5-minute lectures and “Guessing Games.”offers ”take-away” DVDs of any contest programme for which copying authorisation was given on the programme entry form.Entries may have been distributed via either a “push” or a “pull” medium.Push includes any platform that sends out content on a regularly-scheduled timetable (broadcast, cable, satellite and digital TV channels; internet or mobile services that stream content at particular times and in set order).Broadcasters and production companies can enter interactive applications that are connected with a children’s TV programme or series.

Joint organizations: Individual channels that are members of a national association of telecasters (e.g., ARD/Germany) can enter separately as long as they offer at least one hour per week of children’s programming that is unique from the other associated channels.

For reasons of fairness and equal opportunity, general distribution of promotional material on finalist programmes during the contest is not allowed.

A preselection jury will decide on the ten finalists.

Series that have been selected as finalists in previous years are unlikely to make it through preselection, unless they have changed substantially.

Please note: While only about one in six entries can be forwarded to the final competition, all entries deemed to be of high quality will be included in the PRIX JEUNESSE Catalogue, which is circulated worldwide as a yearbook of excellence.

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