Interracial dating survey results

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But even though generating trees of mt DNA or Y markers is more tractable using a coalescent model, and it gives you a clean answer, it’s only a tiny slice of your ancestry. Perhaps better than nothing 10 years ago, but in the days of 450 K SNP chips probably outdated.As I said above I think the paper is interesting mostly because the graphical representation is really good.Furthermore, by principal components analysis, we found little evidence of genetic structure within the African component of ancestry in African Americans.Conclusions These results are consistent with historic mating patterns among African Americans that are largely uncorrelated to African ancestral origins, and they cast doubt on the general utility of mt DNA or Y-chromosome markers alone to delineate the full African ancestry of African Americans.The difference between the two Pygmy groups is not surprising, the Biaka have been found to be much more admixed with their Bantu neighbors than the Mbuti.I wouldn’t put too much weight in the closeness of the San and Mbuti on the plot, because you’re seeing only a two-dimensional view of the total genomic variation, the two largest dimensions as evaluated by looking at the total range of variation of genes among the set of individuals (European, African American and African) within the data set.These were the first markers which became widely used in scientific genealogy, and African Americans made a great deal of recourse to these so as to identify the tribe from which their ancestors came.

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However, we were not able to determine whether this differential weak selection (either positive or negative) favored increased height in Northern Europe, decreased height in Southern Europe or both.

A number of population wide correlations don’t pan out when you are looking within families. This blog is about evolution, genetics, genomics and their interstices.

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Think about the look on some of our mom's faces when we brought our non-Latino boyfriends home. Come on people, we're not living up our romantic or sexual fantasies here!

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