Invalidating environment borderline personality

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Any failure on the part of the child to perform to the expected standard is therefore ascribed to lack of motivation or some other negative characteristic of her character.

(The feminine pronoun will be used throughout this paper when referring to the patient since the majority of BPD patients are female and Linehan’s work has focused on this subgroup).

Validation is not the same thing as praise; it is more an acknowledgment of the person, whereas praise is just a compliment.Linehan emphasizes that this theory is not yet supported by empirical evidence but the value of the technique does not depend on the theory being correct since the clinical effectiveness of DBT does have empirical research support.Growing up in an environment perceived as invalidating is one factor commonly discussed as contributing to the development of borderline personality disorder (BPD).Furthermore, an Invalidating Environment is characterized by a tendency to place a high value on self-control and self-reliance.Possible difficulties in these areas are not acknowledged and it is implied that problem solving should be easy given proper motivation.

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