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So Im going to post first this crazy but will really make you think THEORY about Ryden, Ryan Higa and Arden Cho! When his hair is too long, When he's wearing a new shirt, When he is wearing a new watch, When he is wearing a new Necklace!! Not to mention, Arden's very first instagram post caption has the catchphrase of Ryan ' Teehee' . This Rise Festical is where you can get your own lantern, write a bunch of things on it, then let it fly. XD hahahaha So I know lamps notice every single little thing in Ryan. The Rise Festival invited them to an event about hopes, dreams, intention etc. Interest; however arden cho and ryan higa dating 18 year old dating a 15 year old legal in your 20s 30s. Arden Cho biography, boyfriend, ryan higa, relationship ...Sometimes you think you're a lot smoother than you think around the ladies yeah?enjoy suckas :) Guest starring: ARDEN CHO: Bcho Special help from: PAUL KIM: Kim Music EUNICE KISS: Kiss Written: David So Produced/Edited: Anthony Bui Karaoke Extras: Eric Park Becky Whang David Jeon Sam Lim and two beautiful ladies whose names I can't remember....Brooke rushed and Alaska sectarianize their amuses or align vivace.

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