Jappy privatchat

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'Have had many readings with Kelly and she is simply the best. She looks out for you and does not give false hope.

Thanks a ton Kelly for being here and doing a wonderful job!

Paul is looking for a secure and private chat option to discuss important business decisions.

Please make sure, that there is a slash at the end of the URL: safe://mind/chat/ Thanks for the kind words. Due to my account limit I had to reupload the code to a new service (domain) in order to keep maintaining it.Your inputs will be very helpful to improve the gaps and help other devs. Paul is the CEO of a large manufacturing company and is looking for a private chat tool.I wrote this to gain further knowledge of the SAFE API and want to share it in the hope that others can benefit from the code.Btw.: I know that the code is by no means perfect / clean or anything but I hope it’s at least structured enough so others can read and understand it.

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