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While he attended Liverpool Collegiate, Johnson was actively involved in that city's punk rock/new wave scene of the late 1970s.

Johnson played bass with the local band Big in Japan and also released two solo singles on the Eric's label.

The same year, he starred in American television soap opera, Rick Steff, and Kevin Houston. Previously, he dated an American model and actress, Shelley Hennig.

The pair began dating from 2007 and after five years of togetherness, separated in 2012.

adorno, martin heidegger and ludwig wittgenstein.it's easy to fool someone into thinking something fake is real.Both "Yankee Rose" and "Hobo Joe" failed to chart, however.Johnson met his partner, Wolfgang Kuhle, in the early 1980s.Kuhle, Johnson's personal manager, became a successful art dealer and collected paintings by Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell.In 1982, Johnson joined Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and he later found fame as the lead singer and lyricist of the band.

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