Jo and slade dating dating missoula montana

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" It is focused on the dating life of Jo De La Rosa, former who was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Jo enlists the help of her ex-fiance Slade Smiley and her best friends Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz.

But in a bizarre twist, the men must all live with Slade, who has also moved to Los Angeles and remains Jo's closest confidante.

Following their dates with Jo, Slade will grill the guys and voice his opinions on which ones he deems most suitable for his ex.

He will also test them in an attempt to find out which ones are there for the right reasons.

Jo will choose one suitor from each episode to pass to the next round -- in the end, whittling the choices down to that one special guy.

Slade agrees with Myia that Jo has hardly put a word in.

They then go out on the bow of the boat and have breakfast.As Nelson climbs up the rock, Jo makes the comment, "Your butt looks cute from here". Slade approaches David before elimination and tells him that he doesn't feel that he can trust him and that he is to drop out.At elimination, the four guys are allowed one last comment to Jo and David appears to drop out but instead makes a comment like everyone else and is chosen in the end.After all of the dates, Jo chooses one of the guys to stay in Slade's house and go on a second date with her, while the others are told, "I think we should just be friends", and they have to leave the house immediately.Episode 1 starts out with the four guys' being brought to the house and introduced to Slade after the news that their brief residence is, in fact, his house.

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