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If corporations do not serve society and their consu-mers in letter and in spirit, then there will be a gradual breakdown of trust and respect for corporations and we will witness a growing ‘anti-corporate’ movement.In order to protect consumers from unscrupulous manufacturers, good manufacturing practices and CSR must be encouraged.It is the moral and ethical obligation of corporations, who believe in Good Manufac-turing Practices (GMP), to observe a code of conduct in manufac-turing, marketing and advertising.Corporations have a moral responsibility to their ‘brand supporters’ who depend on them and have trust in them to maintain quality and standards and observe and respect local and international laws.

Stakeholder Relationships and Sustainability Good corporate citizenship cannot be easily imitated because it is based on sustainable relationships that the organization creates with all of its stakeholders.This will in turn create greater customer loyalty towards busines-ses resulting in increased sales.Social groups and public opinion would support plant expansions, innovation, and introduction of new brands and products and so on. CSR in Pakistan, to a large extent, seems to focus on how much corpo-rations contribute and donate to health, environment and education programmes, and overlooks its moral obligations and commitment to consumers.We must ask if the company’s core business itself is adding real value to its consumers, for instance by selling a harmful, addictive substance, or by selling nutritionally fortified food at affordable prices.A progressive and socially responsible corporation sets its own code of ethics and respects and acknowledges its responsibilities, which are practiced by its employees at all levels. From the consumers’ point of view, a socially responsible corporation should also be concerned about the needs of its consumers.

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