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Since about the year 2000, there has been a renewed interest in the topic, based on the application of methods of computational phylogenetics and cladistics to define an optimal tree (or network) to represent a hypothesis about the evolutionary ancestry and perhaps its language contacts.

The probability of relatedness of languages can be quantified and sometimes the proto-languages can be approximately dated.

In particular a group at the University of Auckland developed a method that gave controversially old dates for IE languages.

In 1500 – Pedro Alvares Ras Cabral arrived but he failed to conquer Sofala and Gold trade.Reasons why Oman Arabs were interested to the East African Coast Problems faced by Oman Arabs at the coast THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER BETWEEN THE MAZRUI AND IMAMS Factors that led to conflicts between Mazrui and Busaidi.Statistical methods have been used in comparative linguistics since at least the 1950s (see Swadesh list).Dyen, Kruskal and Black carried out a study of the lexicostatistical method on a large IE database in 1992.In the biological field several software programs were then developed which could have application to historical linguistics.

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