Linda blair dating rick james vh1

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The people around you would like to know more about you even when you try to maintain privacy in your personal life.

The veteran actress Linda Blair, who rose to fame by appearing in the 1973 film The Exorcist is one of those celebrities who personal life is searched most in the tabloids.

She also revealed that she fell for him at the young age of 22, and later they dated for two years.

She mentioned- She even said that Rick described their relationship on his 1983 funk song, 'Cold Blooded.' However, their relationship couldn’t last long due to James' drug problem and was having a troubled relationship until James passed away in August 1984.

linda blair dating rick james vh1-69

linda blair dating rick james vh1-69

However, many people have assumed her to be married secretly by now as she is already in her late fifties and was previously found to be in multiple relationships.

, which established Aquaria as the bear poker of Season 10.

(As you may recall, The Vixen dubbed herself the season’s official “whistleblower,” so it’s nice to see everyone settling into a role.) After setting her sights on Miz Cracker last week for allegedly copying her makeup look, Aquaria chose to target Vixen this time around, attempting to diminish her latest win by reminding her that she did it using someone wig.

That argument was quickly squashed by the arrival of the aforementioned spider, but the spark reignited later in the episode when Aquaria suggested that “the runways clearly aren’t being judged,” which set Vixen off to the point where Aquaria had to nervously excuse herself from the workroom. Not only are your actions the only thing you can control in this competition, but you also clearly suck at confrontation.

Pointing out others’ flaws will only serve to shine a brighter spotlight on your own, lady.

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