List of reality tv dating shows zapad dating

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Reality TV is the projection of peoples lives in real or fabricated situations and can range from documentary style informative shows, entertainment shows based on the lives of reality TV actors, game shows, contests, talent auditions, adventure programs, housing shows, philanthropy, love and dating shows, shows which outline the inner workings of a particular industry and so much more.Thus, it can be difficult to outline what exactly reality TV is and what reality television isn’t.When they're not throwing their latest 'situationship' in our faces, though, some of them are actually working hard behind the scenes to secure a high-profile partner.Take a peek below at the reality TV stars who have managed to call an 'actual' celeb their Charlie Sheen her boyfriend in what can only be described as the oddest match-up of our time.Once they complete a series of obstacles and drills, the couples have to decide if they want to stay married or walk away.

But it’s not just a voyeuristic look at mental disorders.Watch if You Like: What: A&E’s gripping true crime series takes you on a journey through the minds of convicted killers.Each episode focuses on one crime, told through a montage of news clips, police footage and interviews with investigators and family members of the victim.But what sets this bone-chilling show apart from others is the firsthand account from the killer, who explains what he did, how he did it and why. Watch if You Like: , a hair-raising docu-comedy about the competitive world of beard tournaments. Watch if You Like: Niche, hipster shows that no one else will understand…We're used to seeing reality stars' relationships play out in the public eye, and in true reality TV style they often end pretty dramatically.

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