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"Oh God, oh God, oh God, is this really happening?!I mean, I know he jokes about it a lot, but I never thought he actually meant any of it! Could we get in trouble with the Celestial council for this? I promise I won't be anymore trouble to you." Loke stood up from the bed preparing for his gate to close, but to his surprise he felt something holding him back."Please Loke, don't go." She said with pleading eyes. To break Loke's increasingly awkward stare she brought her face closer to his, as if she were to kiss him, but she stopped literally a few millimetres away from his lips; eyes closed. He quickly snapped out of his trance like state and placed his right hand behind Lucy's head, entangling his fingers in her hair and closed the gap between them.Loke was now kneeling up, straddling Lucy with his knees either side of her hips.

" She said waving with a forced smile and cheery voice. Lucy fell through her front door with a sigh as she threw her bag and jacket over the chair and quickly scanned the room to make sure the rest of her team at Fairy Tail hadn't broken in again, a habit that seemed to be getting worse lately, even Erza was doing it now."Clear." She said to herself with relief as she sat on her bed, after confirming that she was in fact the only person in the house. Hakobe, possibly her most hated place, fighting off numerous Vulcan and the blistering cold weather all for some rich old lords lost pendant. In fact it wasn't really anything, it wasn't even pretty! " He smiled at Lucy as he remembered everything she had done for him in the past. Lucy didn't want to admit it but his voice always gave her goose bumps."I'm bored!Lucy, on the other hand, was so startled by the action that she was frozen in place, eyes wide open; her mind going a mile a minute.She had never been touched this way by a boy before, but she loved every second with Loke, and he kissed her with just the right about of passion and gentleness, it made her feel so loved.At the hight of their kiss Loke gently pushed Lucy down so her head hit the pillow, all the time never unlocking their lips.

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