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), tomato sauce, falafel chips, barbecue green peas, plantain chips, freeze-dried pineapple, a box of Mamma Chia Chia strawberry banana squeezes, Primal Kitchen Greek vinaigrette, and my all-time favorite thing (I eat the most of this and have to have it at all times): Udi gluten-free coconut peanut butter cookies.

I also get Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo as a free gift. — After lounging around watching on Netflix, I head back to the gym for round two. First, I create and edit a custom video for a client, for which I charge 0.

Even though I am one of the slower runners in the group, this is never a problem and there is a place for runners of all standards.

My running has improved substantially over the past year and I am continuing to achieve PB’s on a regular basis.

Here's Chris's guide to making webcam shots less unflattering: Chris references our recent DIY lighting post as a reference if you're using a lighting setup, but in a pinch, you can even settle for the light thrown off by a computer monitor.

You can use i Glasses to adjust webcam settings on a Mac -- it's available for .95 and there's a free demo to try. Do you have any tips for looking better on a webcam?

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– Felicity Our coach, Campbell Maffett, tailors training for each runner depending on their goals, their target events and their lifestyle.

Read more about Campbell under the Contact Us menu.

Come along for free to try for the first few sessions – please join us!!

From the moment runners start arriving prior to the session start, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, friendships are established and everyone is equal no matter who they are.

After the group warm-up – an easy 20 min or so of running plus drills and exercises – the main training block can last anywhere from 10-45 min depending on the individual – our coach tailors the load for each runner.

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