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"Adam, Carolla" is yelled in the same, classic, sing-song way and "Adam's masturbating in the jacuzzi!" has been substituted for "fish out of water".* Attack Crows - An idea raised by Adam Carolla, who suggested that someone should train ".* Bogosity - The degree to which a Loveline caller's story is .** International Laws of Bogosity - If a host declares a caller's problem to be fake, the caller is required to admit it. He is voiced by Adam Carolla.* The Crab-Walk - A practical joke described by Stryker as when you walk upside down on all four limbs, ejaculate on your stomach, and walk into a room with your friends.* Crystal Ball - Dr.The popularity and reach of the show increased dramatically during the "Pinsky/Carolla" years.The two had a natural chemistry, in which Carolla's jocular tone emphasized Pinsky's reasoned expertise. Spaz")* Radio engineers The show has had many engineers throughout the years who have developed there own on-air presence.It was later claimed by the original hoax caller that the phrase was invented by Adam himself.Adam had suggested it as a better punchline for ending a bogus call than the one used. On screen and in print"Loveline": The TV show A TV version of "Loveline" ran on MTV from 1996 to 2000; it followed the same general format as the radio program but featured a live audience and a female co-host.Drew's answers have medical credibility, and the addition of Adam Carolla's humor and insight increased the program's entertainment value as well. While they are supportive of inventive, well constructed bogus calls, for general safety reasons — given the severity of a large proportion of genuine calls — the Geneva Convention has to be adhered to.

About a year later, Trenton added a segment called "Ask a Surgeon", hosted by his friend Dr.

(Usually preceded by "his/her .* Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

- Phrase used ironically to indicate that the caller's problem is out of the ordinary or that a sexual behavior may have serious psychological implications.* Phallacy - blend of and fallacy.

Lying about the size of one's phallus.* Radio Math - Adam Carolla's "sophisticated" calculations used to determine a female caller's actual height and weight based on the caller's claimed (and assumed to be false) height and weight.* Rape-bank - The pet name used by Carolla to refer to the city of Burbank, based on his supposition that the city officials' main goal is to rape their citizens.* Ricockulous - More extreme than ridiculous.

Replacing the "dic" with ".'* Stangry - A phrase coined for aggressive callers who are an unfortunate combination of stupid and angry.* Sushi Bar - A phrase Poorman coined to refer to giving a female oral sex.* Unitage - (rhymes with décolletage) or just the unit, this was one of the Poorman's favorite terms for penis.* .* Waffle-crapper -A girl that is so hot that she could crap on a waffle and you would eat it and ask for more.

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