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Review Sandra Gulland, Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe (1998), about Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, during the years of his rise to power; #2 in the Josephine trilogy.Sandra Gulland, The Last Great Dance on Earth (2000), about Napoleon’s wife Josephine during the difficult years leading up to their divorce and his exile; #3 in the Josephine trilogy.Max Gallo, The Emperor of Kings (1997 in the original French; English edition, 2004), about Napoleon's quest for power from 1806 to his 1812 Russian campaign, #3 in the Napoleon quartet.Max Gallo, The Immortal Man of Saint Helena (1997 in the original French; English edition 2005), about Napoleon as his Russian campaign falters and Europe takes its revenge, #4 in the Napoleon quartet.Norah Lofts, A Rose for Virtue (1971), about Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter of Josephine Bonaparte and stepdaughter of Napoleon, who married Napoleon's brother and became the mother of Napoleon III.Edgar Maass, Imperial Venus: A Novel of Napoleon's Favorite Sister (1946), about Napoleon's sister Pauline.

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Helena and is compelled to live as an ordinary French citizen while plotting his return to power.

Patrick Rambaud, The Retreat (2000 in the original French, English translation 2004), about Napoleon’s Russian campaign; #2 in the Napoleonic trilogy.

Patrick Rambaud, Napoleon's Exile (English translation 2006), about Napoleon’s exile in Elba and his scheme to escape; #3 in the Napoleonic trilogy. Bennetts, Of Honest Fame (2010), about a boy who smuggles information about Napoleon's Russian campaign to England, the government official who desperately needs the information, and a pair of ruthless French agents. Benno, This Wonderful Year (2011), a coming-of-age novel about a wealthy young man whose father arranges for him to be abducted to serve on a British man-of-war during the Napoleonic Wars; self-published.

He married Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796 and, days later, led the French army when it invaded Italy.

He took over the reins of power in France in 1799 and was crowned Emperor in 1804.

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