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She is a recruitable squad member in Mass Effect 2 and also appears in the final game.Miranda was genetically engineered to be a specimen of human perfection.

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If Shepard helps, Miranda learns that the only friend she ever had or trusted, Niket, had betrayed her and is working with the mercenaries to take Oriana away, the following confrontation leaves the captain of the mercenaries dead as well as Niket, who, depending on Shepard's actions, is killed either by Miranda herself or by the mercenary captain.

However, despite her accomplishments, Miranda’s father never showed approval or pride towards his daughter.

The constant pressure and lack of affection led Miranda to relinquish her privileged lifestyle and run away from home.

Yvonne Strahovski voices Miranda and provided the model for her.

Like Strahovski, Miranda was originally blonde but the character was changed to have black hair to complement her "femme fatale" look.

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