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Proponents of open access argue that Internet access barriers are relatively low in many circumstances, that efforts should be made to subsidize universal Internet access, whereas pay-for-access presents a relatively high additional barrier over and above Internet access itself.(the Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources) synthesizes information about open access journals and is a subset of the ISSN register.SHERPA/Ro MEO lists international publishers that allow the published version of articles to be deposited in institutional repositories.The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) contains over 8,000 peer-reviewed open access journals of varying open access policies for searching and browsing Open access articles can also often be found with a web search, using any general search engine or those specialized for the scholarly and scientific literature, such as OAIster and Google Scholar.Different distribution mechanisms and business models have come to be associated with certain colors used as shorthand or a classification system.These include: though this number has fallen to 9,500 in January 2017.The OALibrary provides open and free access to a large database of scientific research papers, covering all topics.Users may browse to find open access journals by country or by subject.

Academic articles (as historically seen in paper-based academic journals) have been the main focus of the movement.

In cases of economic hardship, many journals will waive all or part of the fee, including authors from less developed economies).

Journals charging publication fees normally take various steps to ensure that editors conducting peer review do not know whether authors have requested, or been granted, fee waivers, or to ensure that every paper is approved by an independent editor with no financial stake in the journal.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics until recently) or per author (Peer J).

A 2013 study found that only 28% of journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) required payment by the authors; however, this figure was higher in journals with a scientific or medical focus (43% and 47% respectively), and lowest in journals publishing in the arts and humanities (0% and 4% respectively).

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