Mt etna basalt carbon dating

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The 40Ar/39Ar technique, which is now used instead of K-Ar methods for most studies, has the capability of automatically detecting, and in many instances correcting for, the presence of excess 40Ar, should it be present. Austin strongly argues that steps were taken in his laboratory to protect the samples from contamination and that xenoliths (foreign rocks, hypothesis #3) were removed from the samples before analysis.

He also claims that microscopes were used to scan for 'foreign particles' (xenocrysts? Of course, he and his assistants may have missed many of the xenocrysts if they were small.

Some rocks dated older than the 4.5 billion year evolutionary age for Earth. Isochron dating can also produce negative ages, by producing a negative slope.

K-Ar and Ar-Ar can result in negative ages when atmospheric argon is considered.

This is the logical fallacy of composition (Copi and Cohen, 1994).

These are about establishing a connection between astronomical cycles and radioactive dating.It is work from the past decade and now covers dates as early as 32 million years ago.If the radioactive decay rates were miraculously increased during the flood, then the development of orbital parameters must have been accelerated in just the same way.Furthermore, the same method can produce different ages on different parts of the same rock.Sometimes these are close but other times they are very different.

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