My girlfriend is dating other guys

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Find an opportunity where youre able to talk to the guy on a one on one basis. You: Watch out for my girlfriend, I wont always be around but if a guy goes after her, just watch out if you know what I mean? What this does is hell start becoming the insecure guy because he will start claiming her when he pulls her away from guys trying to pick her up.And basically say this: You: Yo Friend Cockblock Cockblock: Yeah? These are the worst cockblocks because they dont care about you at all.It’s one thing to be on the receiving end of a breakup.

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One of the best ways to get rid of the guy is to get rid of him completely by making it about YOU TWO.Once its done she will be going home with you anyways.Of course interactions can only go so long before you get uncomfortable, so The best way to distract her mindset that this guy is attractive is by claiming as a friend.Be nice to the guy; treat him as you would a friend. Its not a requirement or should be your priority, just treat him cordially.If he thinks youre cool and a good guy, there is more likely of a chance hell back off: Wow, Jason is such a good guy, I have to move on Its exactly how it sounds.

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