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When I went back to try ALSA:mixed-digital, I found that it was still set to ALSA:spdif... Viper SBT: But ALSA:digital and ALSA:mixed-digital are both in there if you've compiled with ALSA support (or if you're using packages, you should have ALSA support). I used to do regular updates, driven by the paranoia that some of them might be security related. My capture card works fine in Kaffeine when in Mythbuntu... OK I changed the Audio Output Device in Myth to ALSA:digital (which I had to manually key in) and then I tested it, which didn't change anything.keep checking local good will stores you will find a AT class machine that may have a RLL controller on board...if not buy machine and search ebay for an rll controller.. I've run the command `mythfilldatabase --manual --update` on my backend server and It has been an intense disk drive activity for many hours.Is there an easy way to myth to give meaningful error message?Tried running it from the terminal, but the only errors was a non descript looking timeout Have a hauppauge 950Q, trying to use it to watch analog.

I managed to download the firmware and figure out that I need /dev/video1 for the mpeg encoded stream with ivtv.local time zone on the machine seems to be correct.abqjp, adante_, Agrajag-, akston, akv, alan`, Anduin, Andy Cap, antgel, anykey_, at0m, backslash7, baffle_, bbee, bbigras, Beirdo, benc_, bma, bobgill, cafuego, Captain_Murdoch, Casper0082, cattelan, ccfreak2k, chainsawbike, Chan Serv, charlie S, Chipdancer, christ_, clever, cocoa117, Core Dump|home, Cougar, croppa, Cubber, czth_, d00gster, d0nets FN, damnski, dansushi, dare, dashcloud, Dave123, Defense, dgilmore, Dibblah, dibbz, diesel, Dj Madness, dkeith__, dknowles, dlblog, dmz, dougl, e Ne RGi, essjayess, Essobi_, Evil Bob, Evil Guru, Exstatica, felipe`, Floppe, foxbuntu, frodef, fryfrog, gbee, gbutters, ghoti, Gokee2, gpd, gregl_, Grey Foxx, gunni_, Guy Soft, hackman, Hadaka, hadees, harry_, Heliwr, high-rez, highzeth, Hiisty, hipitihop, honk, Hoxzer, iamlindoro, ivor, J-e-f-f-A, j-rod_, jams, janneg_, jarle, jduggan, JEDIDIAH__, JJ1, joshn, Josh_Borke, jpabq, jpabq|, jpharvey, justinh, jya, kabtoffe_, Ka Ze R, keith4, keith4_, kisak, kothog, Kra Mer, kurre_, Lab Monke1, leprechau, linagee6, Lord_Deathscythe, lotia, Loto, lozarythmic, Lt_Dan, Lunar_Lamp, mace, mag0o, Maliuta, Martin JT, Mav T, mbamford, mchou, meshe, Metoer, mgisbers, mikeones, Milk Boy, mishehu, mjj29, MNIchie, Mooing Lemur, Myth Log Bot, mzb, nero, nrpil_, nuonguy, nutron, okolsi_, oobe, paperclip, patdk-wk_, Patina, pat_, paul-h, pheld, pigeon, Pointy Pumper, poodyp1, programm1rq, Prost, purserj, quicksilver, qupada42, raceme, RDV_Linux, Rebecca, rhpot1991, robbins62, rooaus1, rothgar_, Rye Brye, Sedorox, Shadow__X, sid3windr, sircolin, skd5aner, slayven, Slim-Kimbo, Speedy2, sphery, sphex, sphing, Splat1, squidly, squish102, styelz, sulx, sunny_, sutula, tank-man, Tanthrix, tarbo, tariq, Tau Pan, tgm4883, th1, thef Ront, Therock_, th_, tim-, Tomas-_, Tomasu Dlrrp, tomimo, toorima, tosse, tris, tt884_, twick, wagnerrp, Wicked, wilberfan, xand, XLV, xris, yfwork, zand, [Peter], _abbenormal, _ben, _charly_Hi...It's almost like antialiasing turns off on channel change with softblend and the osd goes blocky.That's the only reason I use xvmc – it's really minor and xvmc works fine for me.i'm trying to add a slave back end and the master isn't behaving right so i figure i'll just start from scratch with the settings, the master's been upgraded from 0.19 to 0.21 fixes over time without being reset/reconfigured/anythingah neat i can patch it myself :) i just wasn't sure what the best way to do it anymore was, otherwise i was going to dump the database with phpmyadmin and just edit that up and hope i don't screw it up :)I have a front/backend server setup that I can watch live tv and recordings on, I just set up a frontend only box, and can connect to the backend, but all I get is a blue screen when I play a recording or livetv!

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