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'Those whose job it was to oversee this system have failed. 'Society cannot work unless individuals carry the consequence of their actions. 'Everyone says that they followed protocol to the letter and that the fault lies with systemic failure.

Mr Brown told a hushed House: 'I believe I speak for the whole country when I say that people are not only shocked and saddened, but horrified and angered by what they have seen reported about what happened to an innocent 17-month-old boy.'This tragedy that has arisen because of a violence and torture of a young child, where three have already been found guilty, raises serious questions we have to address.'Mr Cameron came back again, telling the Prime Minister: 'I think what you said just now is frankly cheap.'I asked some perfectly reasonable questions about a process that is wrong and I would ask you to withdraw the attack that that was about party politics?

There were furious exchanges in the Commons this afternoon as David Cameron and the Prime Minister clashed over the death of Baby P.

The child, who was on the child protection register, died in a blood-spattered cot last year after spending much of his short life being used as a punchbag.

Also convicted of the same offence was the couple's lodger, Jason Owen. Baby P's 27-year-old mother had pleaded guilty to causing or allowing his death, which carries a maximum jail term of 14 years. The Old Bailey trial heard that Baby P suffered months of abuse at the hands of the unemployed boyfriend, whom he had learned to call Dad.

The mother and Owen, 36, of Bromley, Kent, were cleared of murder earlier. The blond sadist was described by police as 'fascinated with pain' and had a history of torturing animals.

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