New york state laws of dating

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A person's last name (surname) does not automatically change upon marriage, and neither party to the marriage is required to change his or her last name.Parties to a marriage need not take the same last name.A New York State marriage license may be used within New York State only.Please note that if you go out of New York State to be married, your New York State marriage license will not be filed in New York State.The marriage certificate, containing the new name, if any, is proof that the use of the new name, or the retention of the former name, is lawful.The local Social Security Administration office should be contacted so that its records and your social security identification card reflect the name change. To change the name on your NYS driver license or non-driver identification, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for information.No premarital examination or blood test is required to obtain a marriage license in New York State.

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This way, you will get credit for all your earnings. You will need documentary evidence showing both your old name and your new name.This fee includes the issuance of a Certificate of Marriage Registration.This certificate is automatically sent by the issuing clerk to the applicants within 15 calendar days after the completed license is returned by the officiant (person who performs the marriage ceremony).These include: The person performing the ceremony must be registered with the City of New York in order to perform a ceremony within the New York City limits.The officiant does not have to be a resident of New York State.

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