Non negotiables in christian dating

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With that being said, it’s important to know what you want in a significant other, but it’s even more important to let love happen and be open to new people and possibilities.Maybe you’d love your soon-to-be man to have sex appeal like Idris Elba and a face and body like Boris Kodjoe, but are these really deal breakers?When our kids were getting close to dating age, here are some of the most important things Ellen and I shared with them.

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These are the patterns of behavior in the relationship that either you can deal with (negotiable) or you can’t (non-negotiable). It’s okay to be honest and list those things that others may consider superficial; after all it is your list and your life.

And we’re not talking physical attributes like “blond hair, blue-eyed, 6-foot-1-inch tall worship leader with an attractive amount of stubble.” We’re talking deal-breakers that will define a relationship and, should you choose to marry that person, your life.

If you’re already in a relationship, how you deal with differences in core values may vary due to the unique nature of each couple.

As one who has Christ in you, you need to only date and marry someone who also has Christ in them but more than that, has a vibrant relationship with Him. If they don’t talk about their relationship with Jesus during the first one or two dates, you can be sure they don’t have that relationship.

You can always ask them what kind of faith in God they have. I have counseled many Christ followers through the years, who are miserable because they married an unbeliever or a believer whose relationship with God was a “private matter”. So if you are currently dating or are of dating age, you need to make a decision NOW that you will only date and marry someone who loves Jesus as much as you do.

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