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The tender who opened the clamp was killed while the other was severely injured.Coward, Lucas, and Bergersen were exposed to the effects of explosive decompression and died in the positions indicated by the diagram."The drilling operation is estimated to last 28 days if the well is dry and up to 71 days if hydrocarbons are found." In March, the PSA issued an order to Transocean following an audit that ended in early February at the company's Spitsbergen mobile drilling unit after identifying "a number of breaches," adding several non-conformities were "related to conditions identified during audits of other Transocean facilities." Norwegian energy company Statoil and its partners working in the British offshore license areas contracted Transocean last year for use of its Spitsbergen rig for three exploration wells and six production wells.Securing the rig for Statoil was part of an effort to tap into the Mariner field, which was expected to reach a peak production rate of around 55,000 barrels of oil per day later this year Wellesley Petroleum in January announced its contract with Transocean would start no later than June.

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The most conspicuous finding of the autopsy was large amounts of fat in large arteries and veins and in the cardiac chambers, as well as intravascular fat in organs, especially the liver.This connection was sealed by a clamp operated by two tenders, who were themselves experienced divers.A third chamber was connected to this system but was not involved.Byford Dolphin has a length of 108.2 metres (355 ft), breadth of 67.4 metres (221 ft) and depth of 36.6 metres (120 ft).It has a maximum drilling depth of 6,100 metres (20,000 ft), and it could operate at a water depth of 460 metres (1,500 ft).

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