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I find it utterly shameful that our country is so possession and money driven that we can not find a common ground to provide health care for it's citizens.

Both parties are to blame for the current fiasco in Washington pertaining to health care and all other forms of government bungles.

I guess when it comes down to it corporations and greed go hand in hand, and Washington is a haven for back burner deals and "representatives" who really don't care for anyone but themselves and their families.

Sorry to ramble on off topic somewhat; to know that my father is dying of cancer, has worked hard his entire life and because of a preconditioned medical history of my mother (cervical cancer 15 years ago) can not find affordable health care coverage. To be told by a doctor that even if you had a million dollars it wouldn't begin to cover the cost of treating his condition, regardless of chances of living.

Do you think these Americans are being forgotten about? The people I talked to there had a strong sense of the irony inherent in the island.

They spent years protesting the military tests, then when the military finally pulled out, they immediately started complaining about the military leaving, because all the jobs disappeared.

Many of the roads are unmarked and most do not have street lights. But Vieques is part of America – and its people are Americans. After years of protests, the military was ultimately forced off the island, which, by the way, was later designated a Superfund Toxic site. Islanders want answers – and most of all, they say they want the government to step up and help them with their illnesses. That argument means the government asserts that the residents on this island do not have the right to sue the government for training soldiers and testing weapons.

Obviously, the islanders do not share the same sentiment – more than 7,000 people are named in the lawsuit, which is more than 75% of the residents who live on the island.

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It's like a village of 50 people becoming the murder capital of a state after a resident snaps and kills his 6 person family. One of many areas effected by neglect and denial, how can anyone trust a government agency to report "links" to contamination on other government entities or the military?The first time I went down there, I had to have something faxed from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles so I could rent a car, and the lady had to pass me through half a dozen people before I got to one who gave me an answer that didn't say "we're not allowed to fax internationally" and express disbelief when I tell them that it wasn't international.But that's just a part of life in Puerto Rico... Using the US average, you'd expect around 45 new cases of cancer per year...She is 16 years old, and she is one of many, many young people on this island who battle cancer.She blames the contamination on the island for making her sick.

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