Online dating for pet lovers

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A recent survey by the American Kennel Club found that 60 per cent of American dog owners said they wouldn’t consider dating someone who didnt like their pet, while 14 per cent admitted they might continue dating someone they didnt like, just to spend time with that persons dog!

Dogs break down social barriers The importance of pets in a relationship is something Dan Cohen knows all about.

With his animal-obsessed lifestyle, he was resigned to never finding a woman who would accept him.

Then he stumbled across Animal and although never having tried internet dating before, he decided to give it a go.

A quick look on the internet finds a plethora of online dating websites for pet lovers, many with cute ways of expressing interest.

One site allows members to send a virtual kiss while another invites interest through a wag & sniff.

Internet dating with pets Many people are discovering their pets can help them find romance in a much more modern setting: internet dating.

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Using a search engine, they can locate and communicate with like-minded animal lovers in their area.They are part of a growing breed of couples who are meeting online at pet lovers websites and their story is one that rivals a fairytale romance.Borck, a divorced father of two, shared his life with five rescue dogs and devoted all his free time to volunteering at the local animal shelter.The sites also provide tips for owners on how to keep their pets healthy and happy.Finding romance online Connections are made online through instant messaging, email, chat rooms and message boards.

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