Online dating sites for cancer survivors

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I finally had to break off the relationship because the way he was acting caused me hurt and stress.I would rather a man honestly say "I have to leave you, I can't handle your illness" than to be a coward and pick fights and run away from the problem until I have to break off the relationship.

I decided to wait to date until the kids were grown and I was able to at least try to maintain a "normal" relationship.just a date here or there.High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels are rampant in our age group. Would really need to consider this decision long and hard.Does he handle stress well, get plenty of rest and exercise, and pay attention to his diet? And yes, we should all be open and upfront about such issues.I had my first stroke when I was 37..followed closely by my first heart attack.I lost the feeling as well as the use of my entire right side.

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