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In the 1960s and 1970s, Griffintown landlords demolished many of the original workers’ rowhouses after the area was rezoned, forcing long-time tenants to move away.

A number of historic sites and buildings survive, however, and it takes only a little effort to conjure up a sense of the past while strolling through the streets.

Go south along Victoria Square and turn left on Mc Gill Street.

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Apparently he sometimes brought a bear up from the basement to restore order when patrons got too unruly.Ask if the doorman will let you in to admire the impressive marble staircase with its cast iron railings rising toward a skylight.Now continue along Mc Gill., past Place d’Youville to rue d’Youville, and turn left. Charles were Canada’s first industrial slums, home to Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famines and generations of their descendants.At the height of famine in the 1840s, as many as 30,000 Irish immigrants arrived in Montreal each year.

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