Outsource your online dating

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Considering that the service costs 0 per month for a guaranteed one to two dates per week, it can be tempting to roll your eyes at the thought of 20-somethings shelling out that kind of cash for something like Wingman.After all, it takes a pretty niche startup to make The League look laid-back. They had nearly 20 customers at the end of a hardly-advertised two-month test run, and since launching their site on August 7, they’ve steadily recruited a selective handful of new clients into their portfolio each day.Last, relationships are built on trust and honesty.How can you build a relationship based upon deceitful actions?(Apparently, in smaller places, it takes a whopping seven.) Online dating is such a deep well of disappointments. They don't even vaguely resemble their alleged ages.Their idea of "sense of humor" tends to revolve around the collected works of Senator Harry Reid.However, VIDA founder Scott Valdez, seems very confident in the power of his persuasion.

So what’s the difference between outsourcing your online dating activities and the service I may provide, you may ask? I edit profiles mostly and some email letters, occasionally. However, I do help my clients put their best foot forward. I may take out phrases that I feel may turn off potential suitors.

My clients choose who they want to engage with and write their own emails.

I have reviewed a couple of them before they have been sent out just to give them requested feedback on how does the email sounds.

First of all, putting effort into the process is a very important part of the journey to find our true love. From my female perspective if a guy is not willing to make the effort himself, you wonder how much time and effort he will put into the relationship. We all have to face rejection and make ourselves vulnerable.

Also the email conversations going back and forth are best when they are authentically coming from you.

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