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You can be upset, but you need to kind of process it and move on because we have other things we need to do.’” The show is not without depths, he continues, but “you touch on the depths and then yank it back. People like to feel that they get near the pain and suffering, and then they like to feel safe that it’s all good, we can joke about it right away.”. It was so out of nowhere, I didn’t even understand what was happening, or what those processes were.” He was so overcome with nerves at the actual ceremony that he barely remembers it, he says, but “to have that kind of recognition for this character was unbelievable.”Although Mike Ross was born in the heyday of the TV anti-hero, he was never going to be a contender alongside Don Draper and Walter White.Yes, is essentially about a conman and his enabler, and much of its drama boils down to Mike and Harvey working unscrupulously to cover up their own lies, dragging down others in the process, including Harvey’s secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Mike’s colleague and love interest Rachel (Meghan Markle).’ It was such an innocent moment of sentimentality that was twisted into something totally different. , which he co-wrote and stars in with Troian Bellisario, his wife of almost a year.“It’s exciting to have a romantic relationship with somebody you're also so inspired by professionally,” he says.“Every day, I take a look at the way she approaches her work and it makes me re-focus and go, 'Oh, wow, don't get lazy, don't get bitter, don’t get cynical,' because she's none of those things. You don’t have enough abdominal muscles to make it…She's the real deal.”Adams and Bellisario met while co-starring in a play in 2009, during which she was offered the pilot for her soon-to-be-huge series , and watching how she conducted herself through that process proved instructive for Adams. I kind of freaked out, and [Troian] was right there with me saying, ‘No, that thing was dumb, it wasn’t what you were supposed to do.’” She was right, and a few months later Adams had “There have been moments when Gabriel and I are in a room shooting a scene and we’re like, we gotta be careful not to feel tone-deaf.

“I posted this old photo I had found of Meghan and I on set,” he recalls, a photograph from years ago of Markle kissing his cheek.

The network said no, and in this instance, Adams is grateful.

“I don't think people can die on fandom shows no signs of fading, and Adams is clearly both grateful and bewildered by the level of devotion.

“It’s grown and changed and evolved in lots of ways that I'm super proud of, but as an actor on a show like this, you try and make it something other than what it is sometimes.

It’s Aaron's job—and he does it very well—to go ‘I understand you're hungry for more of this, and we can play with more of that, but this is the show.’ We gotta keep it on the path.” But even Korsh is not immune to the impulse to turn things dark; during press last year, he revealed that when actress Gina Torres decided to leave the show, his original plan was for Jessica—the head of the law firm where the main characters work as well as Harvey’s mentor—to be killed by an unhinged defendant.

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