Perks of dating a fireman pippa dating hogwarts heir

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You’d be surprised how many different types there are.

Just like how doctors can flip a switch on when they see someone who needs medical attention, firefighters have the same switch, but it can be triggered a lot easier.Almost everyone at the firehouse has a nickname, whether it’s their last name, a characteristic about them, or a funny memory that will always be held against them.When you first start hanging around the firehouse you will notice very few of the members have normal names.From helping someone load bags into their car, helping someone cross the street, searching for lost animals, or just helping someone who is in distress, your firefighter will probably have an inkling to help anyone who needs it.Quick tip- you should always plan to leave the house earlier than normal before you need to be somewhere, just to schedule in the possibility these occurrences could happen.

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