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INFJ Meaning INFJ stands for introverted (I), intuitive (N), feeling (F) and judging (J).

Being introverted means that you are a private person who gets energized by spending time alone or with a small group of close friends.

Some of INFJ’s most important priorities include physical health of their partners, their emotional well-being, their physical comfort and overall happiness, which makes INFJs dream partners for a lot of people.

INFJ Strengths INFJs are warm and friendly people that inspire others with their positive example.

For a reserved and secluded INFJ, writing is a way of self-expression and sharing his or her values with the world.

INFJ’s physical energy isn’t as high as some other types; in their free time they enjoy reading, writing, photography, museums, art exhibitions, gardening, music, cinema and theater.

When talking about four classical personality types, INFJ is the equivalent of mixed Melancholic-Phlegmatic temperament.

They are loyal and committed to their partners, very romantic and physically affectionate.With their inborn tact and altruistic tendencies they help their friends, families and colleagues to better understand themselves and feel at peace.INFJ Weaknesses Because INFJs are so committed to their vision and ideas, they sometimes may appear stubborn and single-minded.Caring, nurturing, understanding INFJ men and women often seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves.The rarest type among men and the third least common type among women, we need more INFJs in our life! This scientifically validated test will help you find out.

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